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Activities and courses offered by the Islamic University of Applied Sciences Rotterdam

  1. Social & Communication skills training

  2. Psychology training

  3. Introduction into Islamic Sciences

  4. Methodology reading skills Ottoman texts

  5. The Unknown Ottoman History

  6. Research Methods

Social & Communication skills training

Being able to communicate is an essential part of our daily life and studies in the modern society that we live in. This course offers the necessary communications tools that aid a more effective interaction across cultural differences beyond the phenomenon of language skills.

Social and communicative skills can be divided into oral, written and non-verbal. Think about listening, cooperating, networking, convincing, functioning as a team player, developing leadership. At the end of the course you should be able to implement these skills in daily life.

Psychology training

Psychology in our studies is an important tool to be able to show empathy and understanding. How people are psychologically wired, determines how we react to social issues and society. This course explains the psychological phenomenon; primary sources of behaviour, development, sensation and observation, consciousness and thought, conditioning and learning, memorisation and language, motivation, emotion, personality, conflict and tension, social aspects of psychology.

Introduction into Islamic Sciences

In this course we provide a map of various Islamic sciences which are taught at our institution. The relationship between the sciences of Quran, Hadith, Fiqh and Tafseer (exegesis) form the basis for a better understanding in Islam.

The course focuses on the development of Quran sciences from the foundation of Islam until the modern era, the history of Quran texts, the theories of revelation in Islam and the contributions of muslim and western scholars of Quran to these areas of knowledge during the modern period.

In specific you will learn the methods of Tafseer in the Islamic tradition; its development, the schools, the principals and the applications. Within this, it is important to be able to analyse selective texts from both former important authorities as well as of modern Tafseer scientists.

Sources used in this course are, among others, al-tafsir bi-al-mathur and al tafsir-al bi-almaqul.

Methodology reading skills Ottoman texts

The Ottoman archives form one of the most extensive archives in the history of the world. The millions of texts and legal documents archived are being investigated and the language has become very popular amongst scientist. This course offers techniques to teach the methodology of reading Ottoman texts.

The Unknown Ottoman History

The Ottoman history is one of the most fascinating histories throughout the mankind. The reigning of the empire extending across 600 years and the mysteries of how an empire could succeed through hundreds of years, ethnicities and countries is a worthwhile trip to take.

Sources used in this course are Prof. Dr. Ahmed Akgunduz and Said Ozturk, Ottoman History misperceptions and truths, (Istanbul, 2011), Hardback, 694 pp.

Research Methods and Study Skills

The contemporary scientific achievements may obviously be a result of knowledge, but when one doesn’t use the necessary methods to present his/her work, then the work might never be published. This course shows the essence of how to go about when one starts a research. It offers answers on questions like How can I formulate a research question and how does one account for the work of others?, How can I create an efficient study plan?, How to study smart and active by using the right methods? and In which do I read scientific literature effectively?. A very important course in which you can develop skills on planning, active learning, critical reading, writing an essay, presenting and working in a team.


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